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大物らくらく洗い Special Services

Dust mites prosper anywhere there is abundant warmth and humidity, which is why we can detect a plethora of them in our linens and bedding.

Having a blanket washed is tedious! You worry if your machine can really handle it. It’s super hard to get dry. You must wait for couple of days if you send it for dry cleaning.

Curtains offer extremely favorable conditions for dust and mites. If you have allergy, you will constantly experience violent sneezing and wheezing when the curtains are slightly moved. Your sleeping quality is also going to highly damaged.

Chair covers are one the major concentrations of house dust mists. Upholstered furniture like sofa or armchair covers will be an ideal place for allergens such as dust mites and dirt to hide.

How long have you not washed your dolls? Or are they just too big to fit in your washing machine? Mister Bubbles’s got super large machines for dolls of any sizes no matter it’s a Sponge Bob, a Pearl Mermaid, a Teddy Bear, or normal catties, doggies, or little pigs.

Actually comforters can be washed in water. It’s just that some fabrics are not less water tolerant or not water tolerant at all. You must pay attention to the instructions. Hot water with temperature over 55 degrees Celsius can effectively remove the organisms and feces of dust mites. Feel free to ask our staff if you have any questions.