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We are proud of our Electrolux washing machine—product of the greatest commercial laundry equipment factory—and our automatic detergent dispensing system.  Your clothes will not have any residue of detergent after washing and will be left soft and beautifully fragranced.

Mister Bubbles offers a professional laundry space for housewives. Our large commercial dryers make you free of worrying about clothes that just don’t get dry in days, because we are open 365 days, rain or shine.

We offer free detergent and disinfectant for your convenience. You may bring your own laundry detergent or pre-wash detergent.

We have wide and spacious tables for you. Our staff can help with the folding and offer free plastic bags. You can just come empty-handed.

Normally it will take up to two hours and even four during peak hours. We suggest that you visit us before weekends to save more time.