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Modern working women are usually so kept up with their day work that they barely have time doing the household chores when they get home. And they want to have a leisure weekend hanging out and shopping with their girlfriends. Sometimes they just have to sacrifice some of their time and clean up the house or wash the linens. It’s not uncommon that a working female spends her Sunday afternoon cleaning the house and doing the laundry, while the kids pouting and shouting how bad they want to go out. It’s even a bigger pain in the ass that you have to worry about your linens and clothes hanging on your balcony getting wet by sudden afternoon thunders.

Mister Bubbles offers a professional laundry space for housewives. Our large commercial dryers make you free of worrying about clothes that just don’t get dry in days, because we are open 365 days, rain or shine.

We also got a team of super nice staff members here! You can have all your laundry cleaned, dried, folded, and packed in clean and free plastic bags. You are 100% free of the troubles of getting things around and the risk of losing your clothes.


  • Small Dryer:  NT$ 20 for 9.5 Minutes
  • Large Dryer:  NT$ 20 for 7.5 Minutes