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Do you still remember how our mom usually told us to move all the bedding and comforters outside for exposure to the sun when we were little? Sometimes they were even hung on the wall, on the fence, or even on the motorcycle, just so they could be hung up under the sun. We were told to flap the bedding with bamboo sticks before sunset. If we did this too late or didn’t have the bedding back before it rained, we could expect our family to become a battlefield at night.

I really miss those days in the countryside, having lived in all these cranky and crowd apartment buildings in the city where you can barely have a place to do the laundry and where children are so haunted by all kinds of allergies.

It was not until I started to run a laundromat did I know all these problems due to limited space can be resolved just by using large commercial dryer, which kills most of the bacteria with the heat and dries out the clothes with high-speed spinning drums. This is such a convenient invention for modern people.

Actually comforters can be washed in water. It’s just that some fabrics are not less water tolerant or not water tolerant at all. You must pay attention to the instructions. Hot water with temperature over 55 degrees Celsius can effectively remove the organisms and feces of dust mites. Feel free to ask our staff if you have any questions.