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Coin laundry is nothing new, just like Bubble Black Tea. It is around our neighborhoods. People tend to consider it a place to do laundry for single professionals and students. Many people nowadays live in the jungle of skyscrapers and are oftentimes bothered to find a place to hang their sheets to dry. Mister Bubbles was born to satisfy the needs of housewives by offering an easy, clean, and bright laundromat.  

We are proud of our Electrolux washing machine—product of the greatest commercial laundry equipment factory—and our automatic detergent dispensing system.  Your clothes will not have any residue of detergent after washing and will be left soft and beautifully fragranced. Our staff will, at your extra cost, target at the collars and cuffs of your shirts, remove oil and blood stains, and bleach. You may be wondering whether other laundries offer the same services.

Let’s put it this way. You walk into a self-service laundry, put your dirty laundry in the machine, insert coins and press start. And there it goes. But has it ever occurred to you what was in that machine before you use it?  What if someone washed dirty door mats, pet stuff, medical supplies, shoes, or even some mechanic uniforms? Is there anyone to watch out for you in a self-service store where no one works in there? You know, somebody just doesn’t read the signs.

Self-service laundromats exist in their own way simply because of the limited market. Mr. Bubbles watches out for you with its professional staff, protecting your rights and privileges. You can wash your underwear and bedding here without worrying about thefts.  

We have four sizes of machines. You can also choose warm/hot water cycle.


  • Small Load:  NT$ 70
  • Medium Load: NT$ 100
  • Large Load: NT$ 130
  • Extra Large: NT$ 160
  • Hot Water Cycle: An Extra NT$ 60