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If have any experience with folding your clothes, you’d know how torturing it feels like. Most laundromats come with little tables, on which you can do the folding. But you have to get a bag yourself.  Your clothes may pretty much wind up on the floor or even stolen before you can retrieve them.

These obnoxious worries are all absent in Mister Bubbles. We have wide and spacious tables for you. Our staff can help with the folding and offer free plastic bags. You can just come empty-handed.

Just a kind reminder, the “tables” we set up for every dearest customer is a place for clean and toasty clothes and bedding, not for dirty and wet laundry. We hope you don’t mind if our staff clean the tables periodically in front of you.  Keep this mind and reserve a clean laundry place for everyone.


  • Folding: NT$ 30 per laundry load (size doesn’t matter).  We currently offer this additional service for customers doing their laundry with us. If you are using the dryer, you will have to help yourself with folding.
  • NT$ 10 for a de-electrostatic paper.