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About Us

The concept of the laundry shop was first initiated by Mister Bubbles in 2003, when there was only a few commercial self-service laundries—a.k.a. “wash-a-terias” or “Laundromats.”  Public laundry rooms or washaterias were usually nowhere seen other than in dormitory buildings or in a school neighborhood.  And normal commercial washaterias were mostly characterized by dim lighting and clunky machines.

Several large self-help laundries appeared in the North of Taiwan, despite the less than expected usage.  Given our studies on this circumstance, we decided to have people stationed in these self-service stores to help out with professional services of easy laundry and dry cleaning. Mister Bubbles was then born to be a provider of professional self-help laundry service in the hopes of giving consumers maximum satisfaction with their laundry experience.

Milestones of Mister Bubbles:

  • Nan-Ya Store—Hsinchu, Taiwan— Grand Opening March, 2004
  • Lin-Sen Store—Hsinchu, Taiwan— Grand Opening September, 2004
  • Kuang-Fu Store—Hsinchu, Taiwan—Grand Opening October, 2006
  • Launch of Eco-friendly program to reduce carbon emissions and recycle wastewater—October, 2008
  • Equipment Amendment to reach a 35% threshold of energy saving—December, 2008
  • Pao-Shan Store—Taoyuan, Taiwan—Grand Opening December, 2009
  • Feng-Hua Store—Taoyuan, Taiwan—Grand Opening January, 2010
  • Sewage Certificate Licensed by Department of Environment Protection—March, 2010