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About Us

The issues of global warming and climate change seem to be never exhausted in these days, for peoples on earth have begun to perceive the massive damages to them. Against the backdrop, businesses are inexcusable from their responsibilities in making contribution to the core issues. Mister Bubbles is no exemption and has begun to reflect on what we can do in response to the authorities’ promotion of energy saving programs and carbon emission reduction measures.

We began by reducing the use of plastic bags, which we recycle and of which we encourage people to make as repetitive use as possible. In addition, we seek to promote the efficiency of energy use by expanding our facilities and improving sewage emissions processes.

Our efforts can be seen in a number of details. For example, we have reduced the use of natural gas by 35% starting December, 2008, lowered the power use by 10%, toned down the value of COD to less than 100 and the value of SS under 50. We are also using enzyme detergent to minimize water pollution.

The more detergent I used, the more difficult it is to process the sewage provided the chemical residue. Thus discretion of detergent use is strongly advised.   We also suggest substitution of de-electrostatic papers for softeners. Household sewage is always one of the most important pollutants in rivers. Mister Bubbles embraces the priority of lowering the pollution as much as we can, despite sewer works underway by authorities. Sustainable development of our environment needs universal support from everyone, including you!